Briteways – Dedication to the Craft

1974 – Current

The dedication that Briteways Painting and Decorating employees exhibit to the craft of painting, its customers and its family is second to none – we have paint running through our blood.  This is no more embodied than in our founding director, Marc Pintegne who has been painting in Brisbane for 40 years.  At 15 years of age, Briteways Painting and Decorating may have just been a developing dream in this young man’s head, but his commitment and hard work would ultimately see the business flourish and develop into what it is today.  Marc’s progression up the chain occurred rapidly in his youth.  He soon became foreman, supervisor, and leader to a team of men, his superiors noting his natural ability and superb organisation and management skills.

But working within another company wasn’t enough for Marc.  He had dreams of starting his own business, of becoming the best painter in Brisbane, and after being officially recognised as a Master Painter, he knew that his Briteways Painting and Decorating ambitions would soon come to fruition.

In 1991 he began the first incarnation of the partnership with his wife Erika.  She would run the office and he would run the worksites – a match made in heaven.  Briteways Painting & Decorating quickly developed a strong reputation in both residential and commercial Brisbane trade circles, and after only a short period of time, was completing everything from residential houses and buildings, right through to year-long commercial projects.

Today, Briteways Painting and Decorating is flourishing.  We are still a 100% family owned and operated business.  Erika still runs the office, and Marc runs the worksites.  Jessica, Marc’s daughter, and Doug, Marc’s son-in-law are both employed by the partnership.

Briteways Painting and Decorating is dedicated to becoming the best painting company in Brisbane.  We are dedicated to the craft of painting.  Dedicated to the craft of customer service.  Dedicated to the craft of family.

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