Commercial Pricing

At Briteways, we guarantee a fair, realistic and competitive quote.

Like anything in today’s world, it’s tough to guarantee a ‘one size fits all’ price for paintwork.  There can be a number of contributing factors that affect the outcome of the quote, including the square meterage, paint type, volume of preparation work and many other things.  As such, a guide to our pricing is below.  What we can guarantee is that we will always give you a fair, realistic and competitive quote. 

We know that choosing the right painter is a big decision, with a great deal of money involved, and as such, pride ourselves on ensuring clarity at all stages of our business with you.  Your quote will also detail exactly what will be occurring throughout the job, so that you are always fully informed, and can be assured of our premium quality work.

Below is a guide to our pricing:

Offices and Shops
Apartment Buildings
Commercial Business Buildings

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