Briteways – The Team Behind the Dedication

Briteways Painting & Decorating was officially established in 1991 by Marc and Erika Pintegne, but its origins and staff can be traced back more than 50 years.  From humble beginnings, and in a strong reflection on the immeasurable value Marc and Erika place on their family, the business was lovingly given the name Briteways Painting & Decorating by their children Christopher and Jessica.

Marc – Owner | Master Painter

Time in the business – 40 years

Marc is Briteways Painting & Decorating’s founding director.  40 years in the painting and decorating game has placed Marc as second to none in terms of experience, product awareness and customer service.  He has extensive knowledge of both residential and commercial work.  Marc has jobs to his name such as the Logan Hyperdome, Government House, Officeworks, countless factories and outlets including Cummings Truck Services in Carole Park, Trisco Foods Factory, and many more.  He is the cornerstone to Briteways Painting & Decorating’s success, and the driving influence behind Briteways’ rise in becomming the best paint company in Brisbane

Erika – Owner | Business Manager

Time in the business – 37 years

If Marc is the cornerstone to Briteways Painting & Decorating’s success, then Erika Pintegne could simply be referred to as ‘the rest’.  Erika began assisting Marc with his work on weekends well before Briteways began.  Even before they were officially known as Mr and Mrs Pintegne 35 years ago.  This was the perfect preparation for what is now her complete and total role; the business manager and technical advisor to the rest of the staff (sometimes even to Marc).

Doug – Operations Manager

Time in the business – 3 years

Over the past 3 years, Doug has been welcomed into the Briteways Painting & Decorating family with open arms.  In 2013 he married Marc and Erika’s daughter Jessica.  With 7 years of management level teaching experience, Doug has become the full time Operations Manager.  Handling everything from estimating, and site supervision, to marketing and advertising.  His experience in managing budgets, programs, software and events within his teaching life, have positioned him perfectly for the transition into Briteways Painting & Decorating.

Jessica – Sales & Marketing Manager

Time in the business – 5 years

Jessica has technically been a part of Briteways Painting & Decorating since she was born, however officially she began 3 years ago as Sales and Operations Manager.  Since then, her role has transitioned to encompass Briteways Painting & Decorating’s marketing, social media and publishing.  She completed her undergraduate in Psychology in 2013 and the organisation and people management skills she developed in this course are invaluable to the organisation.

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